Construction progress of BT projects to 20.05.2017

4 main road in Thu Thiem New Urban Area

From 23 April 2017, Department of Transportation began to clear Road R2 for operation in the section from R2 embankment to Nguyen Co Thach street. Regarding the sections which prepare to be handed over and put into operation, Dai Quang Minh Company has finished constructing the bridges along the route including Bridges No. 10, 15, viaducts No. 1 and No. 2, and R2 embankment, Road R2 section from Nguyen Co Thach street to C4 intersection; R3 section from Mai Chi Tho Boulevard to C4 intersection; and Road R4 section from C4 intersection to Mai Chi Tho Boulevard.

Regarding the remaining road sections, Dai Quang Minh Company has completed their first layer of asphalt concrete, tree planting, and lighting system. However, these sections will wait for completion at the same time with other sections under land clearance (the People’s Committee is expected to hand over the cleared land in September 2017).

Road R1 – From C4 intersection to Bridge No. 14

Road R2 – From Bridge No. 15 to C4 intersection

Road R2 – From Bridge No. 15 to C4 intersection

Road R2 – Traffic clearance from R2 embankment to C24 intersection

Road R3 – From Bridge No. 17 to Mai Chi Tho Boulevard

Road R4 – From C4 intersection to Viaduct No. 1

Road R4 – Viaduct No. 2

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

At the present, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is entering the phase of grading – service road and mobilization for soft soil treatment (Deep Soil Mixing Columns) for the access road in District 2.

Access road to Thu Thiem 2 Bridge – Grading, mobilization and installation of DSMC equipments