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Green nature at the city’s heart

Sarica Condominium owns a favorable location next to the landscaped park, the 150-hectare ecological park, 1.5 kilometer from District 1 – an ideal location that provides residents not only the best convenience in traffic, dynamic lifestyle, but also the peace of mind.
Low-rise planning and low population density make it possible for each resident to enjoy maximally the common space, services and amenities.
Sala Total area: 12,886 sqm.
Sala Total floor area: 40,550 sqm.
Sala No. of apartments: 175 units (130 residential units – 45 commercial units)
Sala  Floor Area Ratio: 3.8
Sala  Commercial apartment’s area: 270 sqm, x 3 storeys
Sala  2-bedroom unit’s area: 101 – 107 sqm.
Sala  3-bedroom unit’s area: 133 – 147 sqm.
Sala  No. of floors: 2 basements – 8 storeys above grade.
 Address: Sala City, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City


Modern and convenient lifestyle

amid bustling commercial streets

Perfect and delicate design in every detail

Sarica is the glorious symphony of the sophisticated design, which will create a classy apartment in accordance with green – clean – aesthetic standards

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Luxury and high-end interior

The luxury presents in every corner of the building through its world-class interior, which will satisfy customers both in the design and the function

High-class lifestyle

Sarica’s residents will enjoy the superior facilities, a fresh natural environment, and the civilized community to obtain premium living experience.
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Master floor plan

Typical floor plan