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Dynamic living within the nature

Designed from the concept of an emerald pearl, Sadora resembles a gemstone with four apartment towers overlooking Thu Thiem’s Central Lake and Central Square. Owning the harmonization between modern architecture, advanced amenities and natural landscape, Sadora apartment offers residents a perfect and dynamic living environment in the heart of Thu Thiem, Ho Chi Minh City.
CUC-NGOC  Total area: 17,806 sqm.
CUC-NGOC  No. of apartments: 605 residential units and 16 commercial units.
CUC-NGOC No. of towers: two 22-floor towers, two 25-floor towers, and 2 basements.
CUC-NGOC Residential unit’s area: 82.3 – 119.2 sqm.
CUC-NGOC Commercial unit’s area: 270 sqm. x 3 storeys
CUC-NGOC Sky unit area: 131 – 205.6 sqm.
CUC-NGOC Floor area ratio: 5.9 (Low population density)
CUC-NGOC Unique and sophisticated design is also in harmony with nature
CUC-NGOC Outstanding inner amenities


Golden location

overlooking Thu Thiem Central Lake


Apartment building is located at the North of Mai Chi Tho Boulevard and Sala City. It owns two ventilated sides by bordering natural channels and the Central Lake. One side is adjacent to green Square, which connects to the commerce and service axis along Mai Chi Tho Boulevard.

Enjoy wonderful life amid the fresh nature


Thanks to Central Lake and surrounding greenery system, Sadora Apartment living condition is so wonderful with cool climate, peaceful and fresh scenery.

In general, Sadora Apartment is a complex of cubes from low to high level, combined with the rational arrangement of ventilating zone in order to maximize the visibility, light and air circulation. Moreover, each balcony will be a private relaxing space for families in Sadora.

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Modern architectural design in harmony with nature 

Luxury and comfortable interior

Diversity of amenities

Sadora Apartment’s residents will enjoy a full range of amenities from essential needs to relaxation and entertainment, such as swimming pools, BBQ area, Gym, Spa, community area (10,000 sqm.) on E-deck floor, shopping malls on the second floor (6,752 sqm.), etc. , which will increase the value of their life.

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Master Floor Plan

Typical Floor Plan