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Enjoy the nature

in the heart of the city

Low-rise Sarina Condominium is located in the heart of Sala City and adjacent to the commercial axes, office buildings, and busy shop houses. Besides, it is surrounded by Sala Park and Ecological Park. Therefore, Sarina Condominium’s residents will fully enjoy the modern, comfortable urban lifestyle and green healthy environment.
Sala No. of apartments: 233 units (186 residential units – 43 commercial units – 4 loft units)
Sala Total area: 8,880 sqm.
Sala No. of floors: 2 Basements – 10 Storeys above grade – 1 Rooftop
Sala  Apartment area: 89.7 sqm. (2-bedroom unit), 118.3 – 145.4 sqm. (3-bedroom unit).
 Address: Sala City, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City


The most dynamic and convenient location

Sarina Condominium is adjacent to many bustling commercial areas, such as commercial office buildings on Mai Chi Tho Boulevard, the Sari Town, the Sala Park, etc. Another advantage of Sarina is the view of 128-hectare ecological park and Saigon River.
Sarina Condominium’s residents have free circulation within Sala City via internal streets, convenient connection to the neighboring districts, the western provinces via Mai Chi Tho Boulevard, Nguyen Co Thach Street, and the eastern provinces via Hanoi Highway, Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway.

Standard design for a high-class living style

Sarina Condominium is designed in modern and luxurious architecture, which optimizes the owner’s experience. Sarina Condominium is in harmony with nature by 2 garden swimming pools on 4th floor, ecological landscape on the rooftop, and two exposed walls of each apartment.

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Luxury interiors

Finished materials and equipment, selected from the top brands meeting the high standards of quality and design, will sharp the construction in every detail to bring the true satisfaction to customers.

Affirmation of high-end lifestyle

In addition to the fresh air, Sarina’s residents also enjoy the remarkable facilities which are worthy of the premium lifestyle

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Master floor plan

Typical floor plan

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